Living a Dream Lifestyle ~ Deneen L Garrett

Living a Dream Lifestyle ~ Deneen L Garrett


I'm Deneen L. Garrett.

I elevate #WOC voices, amplify #BlackExcellence, promote #BlackYouthSailing.

Sometimes life is trying to tell you something. Often others see something in and before you haven't quite seen in and for yourself.  These moments require you to "catch up to the vision" set before you...  This is what my life is about.

Vid Podcaster | Producer | Published Author | Public Speaker | Board Member of Detroit Community Sailing Center| Momager | Founding Member of The Gathering Spot Connected Cities ~ Detroit| Philanthropist | AT&T Dream In Black Future Maker

You will get to know more about me as I "catch up to the vision" and continue this journey...

Thank you for stopping by,
Deneen L. Garrett


Feb. 4, 2022

From Lifetime to Legacy with Nikè Anani

Nikè Anani, Speaker/Author/CEO/Wife/Mom, is passionate about ensuring family businesses outlast their founders. Understanding how generational wealth is created, Nikè is forging her own path by equipping the next generation w...

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