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July 17, 2020

“Blazing Trails with Every Breath” with Toni Jones

“Blazing Trails with Every Breath” with Toni Jones

Being one of two girls in a family of boys, Toni learned to use her voice early. As a 5th grader in a program for future teachers, she questioned “what about girls” and hasn’t stopped. “You are blazing new trails every day you have breath.” Listen to learn more about the breath Toni breathes for others.

Contact:  @LaToniyaAJones (LI, Twitter, IG)

Resources:  Enhancing math attitudes and aptitudes to thrive personally, academically and professionally.

  • RefreshMyMath.com
  • IG: @RefreshMyMath

“I’m Not Sure. It’s Okay.” | Curated experiences to live, learn and lead better.

  • NotSureOkay.live
  • Podcaster launching July 23rd


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