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Strength AfroLatinas Courage

Be Courageous with Patricia Arboleda

Jan. 28, 2022

Patricia Arboleda, Executive and Leadership Coach, Career Strategist; CEO & Founder; Senior Executive at Corporate America; Board Advisor, built upon 20+ years of leadership development in Corporate America, and started her …

Hispanic/Latino/Latinx AfroLatinas

#TBT 2020 HHM “I’m Black and, Latina” with Yvette Towe, Attorney

Sept. 23, 2021

Growing up, people tried to put Yvette in a box. She made the decision if she could not check Black and Latina (Hispanic/Latino), she wouldn’t check anything. Learn how Yvette does not let people box her in and how she celeb…

Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Authenticity AfroLatinas Hair

Embracing My Curly Hair with Amaly C. Homer

July 17, 2021

Ever have a conversation that could’ve lasted for hours? That’s how it was for me and this week’s guest, Amaly C. Homer , Afro-Latina, mama, wifey, friend, hija/daughter, artist, teacher, lover, friend, student of life on a …