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Survival Strength

“It’s Inside of You!” with Dom (Dominique) Jones

July 30, 2021

Ever wonder what it takes to be successful? Want to achieve a dream and not sure how to get started? Have an idea for a business and not quite sure what next steps are? Check out this week’s episode as Dom (Dominique) Jones,…


“I AM Evidence!” with Ericka Murria

June 4, 2021

“I am Evidence” means so much more than a (rape) kit on a shelf” declared Ericka Murria, creator of @i_am_evidence_brand , Social Justice Advocate against DV/SA, National Inspirational speaker, aspiring Author and Candidate …

Survival Callings Authors

“Defining Moments” with La Charmine (L.A.) Jefferson

March 26, 2021

There are things that happen in our lives which determine who we are, what we’re made of and direct our paths. It could be having a child right after college, losing a husband, meeting a mentor or, all three as happened for …