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Guest:  L. Michelle Smith  Episode Date:  10/07/22, Title:  Relationships Based on Excellence   

Guest:  Rita Kakati-Shah  Episode Date:  10/14/22, Title:  Be Bold! Be You!! Be Uma!!!

Guest:  Kristina Thomas  Episode Date:  10/21/22, Title:  It Starts with You  

Guest:  Nana Ize Musa  Episode Date:  10/28/22, Title:  Believe You Are Capable 

Guest:  Monique “AJ” Smith  Episode Date:  11/04/22, Title:  When Doors Keep Opening  

Guest:  Kisha Woods  Episode Date:  11/11/22, Title:  Greater Mindsets  

Guest:  Lisa L. Baker  Episode Date:  11/18/22, Title:  What I Get To Do by 

Guest: Therese Myers  Episode Date:  11/25/22, Title:   Create Win Wins

Guest: Ryane LeCesne  Episode Date:  12/02/22, Title:   I Got It 

Guest:  Kimberly Batchelor Davis  Episode Date:  12/09/22, Title:  I AM the Somebody 

Guest:  Doni Aldine  Episode Date:  12/16/22, Title:  Living in Those Margins