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Using My Voice

Im my Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion/Talent Development career and now my business, I get to create and speak on panels. I've leveraged this to create my own podcast.  Additionally, in the world of podcasting, I get to Host as well as sit in the Guest seat.  Whatever the speaking opportunity, here is where you will share in this part of my journey.  



In this episode, Simone welcomes Deneen L. Garrett to the podcast.  Deneen recently "retired" and went on to launch Deneen Consults, a consulting, coaching and speaking business. She will inspire you with her journey and her focus to live a dream lifestyle.  Tune in to find out what her formula is for being in the driver's seat in her career.

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Deneen encourages all African American women age 50+ to put their energy into something they’ve always wanted to do and HAVE IT! Deneen can be found on Instagram @Deneenlgarrett; Facebook Group – An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color.

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Authentic Talks 2.0

This episode Shanta speaks with Deneen L. Garrett, founder of Intimate Conversation with Women of Color Podcast (ICW). They discuss the highs, lows, and the future of Women of Color Podcast (WOC).

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MTG: More Than Graphics Podcast

March brings POSSIBILITIES and for #WomensHistoryMonth Deneen L. Garrett elevates the Voices of Women of Color through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion + Talent Development and Podcasting. She is the Creator and Host of the An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color Podcast and we're thrilled that she could share her story to inspire you to be open to possibilities!

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The Janelle Show

Deneen L. Garrett discusses being a WOC during a pandemic.

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Inside My Box

Inside My Box

Episode Five: Generational Trauma and Healing

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Episode Three: The Journey of Pronouns

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Episode 1: Diversity in Relationships, Mono, Poly, and the In-between

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Is your professional life in alignment with your life purpose? Is there a project that you want to take on that you keep putting off? Deneen Garrett is on a mission to elevate the voices of women of color through D&I and podcasting.  She didn't allow fear of new tech and uncertainty stop her from launching her show "Intimate Conversations with Women of Color”. This conversation will give you clarity around some of the reasons why we keep putting off our creative projects. 

This Episode we Discuss 

Fear of vulnerability as a creative block

Starting small and giving yourself room to grow into your vision

The fastest way to master new skills

How to deal with creative blockages

How to network authentically

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I'm Not Sure. But, It's Okay. 

My friend Deneen is a connector and  encourager. We chatted about how she is addressing the need to gather, celebrate and amplify women of color. Listen and let’s continue the conversation in our communities.

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One Good Question. 

BONUS: Another quick conversation with fellow Podcaster, Deneen L. Garrett.

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Upward: Leadership Lessons for Women on the Rise

Remember me sharing...
One of my favorite Podcasters, Simone E. Morris, invited me to be a part of a book of Women leaders. She’s watched me grow as a fellow Podcaster and thought I had something to contribute. As the publisher was looking to add specific voices, I reached out to several of my Sisterfriends and connected them with one who was also a previous guest of my An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color Podcast.
Well, I can now add Published Author to my Bio.

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In January, I started a new role as the lead of our Women of Color Program. This program is for our High Potential/High Performing WoC. During the transition meeting I learned they added a couple of more components and it was now up to me to create and execute. Being someone who brings P.I.E. (Passion +Innovation + Execution) I was all in!

Instead of carrying out the cohort component, I created and launched WOC CONNECT instead. CONNECT allows for continuous learning and, connection + collaboration.

Two amazing things, 1. Instead of being a participant in the program, God decided my path is leading it. 2. Hello!!! Women of Color... Intimate Conversation. Could it be more divine?!

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Check out my spotlight from The Gathering Spot



Deneen L. Garrett elevates the voices of Women of Color through D&I, Talent & Leadership Development, and Podcasting.

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