“Articulate Your Value!” with Ashley AsShire

What do you bring to the table? What do you do well? What makes you YOU? Getting clear about these and strategizing on how to communicate this to yourself and to others is how you “Articulate Your Value” which leads to having more… Check out this week’s episode to learn about how to do this and more from Ashley AsShire, founder of the podcast and lifestyle brand, Schoolin Life.

This week’s Guest is Ashley AsShire.
I’m a director of student affairs at an R1 institution in the Northeast and an adjunct professor in the university's college of education. When I'm not working with college students, I lead a different classroom as the founder of the podcast and lifestyle brand, Schoolin Life. After so many exciting Schoolin Life interactions, I developed proven strategies and a framework for helping women get unstuck in life. With more than 10 years of professional experience in corporate, non-profit, and educational leadership, I use mentoring to serve women and teach them how to leverage their leadership skills to thrive personally and professionally.

Invest in yourself and let me provide the missing pieces to you in a personal, safe space where we break down into simple steps, the path forward to your best self.

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