Embracing My Curly Hair with Amaly C. Homer

Ever have a conversation that could’ve lasted for hours? That’s how it was for me and this week’s guest, Amaly C. Homer, Afro-Latina, mama, wifey, friend, hija/daughter, artist, teacher, lover, friend, student of life on a curly hair journey and podcast host. Amaly and I had the typical #intimateconversaton and more. We talked “hair”, Black hair, Afro-Latina hair. Check out the episode to hear how important hair is to Women of Color and our identities.

This week’s guest is Amaly C. Homer.
Buenas! My name is Ámaly Homer, host of the Ondas Podcast

My identity journey started when I traveled to this country from DR at the age of 9 without any of my immediate family, not even my mom. I arrived without a fear in the world – just the excitement of seeing snow for the first time kept all worries away. That, and the tremendous opportunities I knew were waiting for me. It wasn’t until I came to this country that started to really think about my identity.

I have spent most of my educational and professional career in the U.S. - 20 years in corporate America and todavia counting! Through all those years, I have always remained connected to my Latino roots. It is my superpower. It empowers me to do good at work, at home, and in my community.

I cannot recollect when I first heard the word Afro-Latina, but I would say that it became really relevant and important to me just a few years ago when I started to fully embrace my curly hair, my ondas.

I have since learned that our own culture has and brings certain biases of race and skin tone. I come from a country of predominate African ancestry, where descriptors such as moreno, indio, negro, trigeño, were terms of endearment and, at one point, even passports included the option to identify with these terms. That needs to be further addressed and dismantled.

So, let’s talk, and more importantly, listen to each other.

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