Ever Evolving Latina

Dr. Melissa Salinas, Psy.D. is ever evolving. We talked about how her 3rd grade self declared she’d be a psychologist and she is. However, God had other plans and she is so much more. She creates tables, teaches Latinas how to be their authentic selves through her practice as well as how to literally move through trauma with yoga. Check out this week’s episode as we discuss this and more.

This week’s Guest Melissa Salinas, Psy.D. is a Latina clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma and a 200-hour certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, who is also certified in Trauma Recovery Yoga. She owns a clinical psychology private practice, AMS Wellness, as well as a company Authentic Revival Movement, which specializes in retraining the body’s stress response and highlights the importance of self-care over the “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going,” mentality. Her personal goal is to lead people to finding their authentic voice and self in a world that teaches the very opposite. Melissa also is a clinical coordinator and supervisor of clinical services in a private junior high school through a non-for-profit organization. In addition to her professional roles, she is a loving aunt, daughter, sister, and friend.

Ways to Connect

708-526-3894 (Personal/Professional Networking)
630-891-3027 (Professional if seeking therapy services)
www.ams-wellness.com (Private Practice)
www.authenticrevivalmovement.com (Yoga/Psych company)
@AuthenticRevivalMovement (Facebook)
@authentic_revival_movement (Instagram)


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