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From Lifetime to Legacy with Nikè Anani

Nikè Anani, Speaker/Author/CEO/Wife/Mom, is passionate about ensuring family businesses outlast their founders. Understanding how generational wealth is created, Nikè is forging her own path by equipping the next generation with tools to “step out of the shadow” of their parent(s)…. Check out this week’s episode for more.

This week’s guest is…
Nike Anani is an international award-winning entrepreneur, succession specialist and a legacy planning expert for future-focused business families. She is on a mission to help businesses move from lifetime to legacy, such that they build family enterprises of the future.

With over a decade of family enterprise expertise in Nigeria, Nike helps owners lead their family organizations to long-term legacy and impact. Her inside experience as a second generation family business owner and family office pioneer birthed a passion to help other families in building enterprises that would outlive them.Nike is the Author of "Lifetime to Legacy: A New Vision for Multigenerational Family Businesses" (to be released in Q2 2022). She is the co-founder of African Family Firms, a pan-African association of family businesses that is focused on promoting generational wealth and generational legacies on the African continent. She is the host of "The Connected Generation" podcast - a top-10 Family Business podcast globally that is dedicated to NextGens that are seeking how to navigate building generational enterprises whilst leaving an impact.

Nike has a global outlook, having lived and worked in three continents. She is a champion for diversity, passionate about improving age and gender diversity and inclusion in business families

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