“It’s Inside of You!” with Dom (Dominique) Jones

Ever wonder what it takes to be successful? Want to achieve a dream and not sure how to get started? Have an idea for a business and not quite sure what next steps are? Check out this week’s episode as Dom (Dominique) Jones, a Huntington Beach community leader, small business owner and coach who is passionate about working with families and youth, and I discuss how everything you need is inside of you.

This week’s Guest is Dom (Dominique) Jones.
Dom is a Huntington Beach community leader who has devoted her career to empowering others to succeed. She is committed to continuing to listen and learn from residents to serve the community and put Huntington Beach first.

As a Huntington Beach small business owner and coach, Dom has dedicated herself to building relationships with Huntington Beach’s small business community. Her goal is to collaboratively expand solutions for our city’s businesses, and to help the community recover from the pandemic.

As someone experienced in working closely with special needs students, and as a speaker serving tens of thousands of middle and high school youth across the country each year, Dom is passionate about working alongside Huntington Beach families and students to strengthen community programs and youth services and to foster unity.

Dom is a former missionary and ordained minister who aims to address Huntington Beach’s homelessness crisis in cross-county partnership with service providers and community leaders. She also raises funds to support Waymakers Youth Shelter of Huntington Beach.

She has learned Vietnamese and Tagalog to build unity and help uplift more voices in our community.

Dom lives with her partner Richard, who has been active in KIWANIS and Key Club for over 15 years and is a business owner.

Ways to Connect

Email: dom@domjones.org
Website: www.domjones.org
IG: https://www.instagram.com/domjones.unity/

Book Recommendation

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty


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