“Liberation is a personal responsibility!” with Christine Cariño

Christine Cariño and I talked about what’s needed to live a life outside of the boxes we’ve been placed in. We talked about freeing yourself from what holds you back, so it was no surprise that the two women who have impacted Christine the most embodied this. Gabriela Silang, one of Christine’s ancestors, was a leader of a revolt in the Philippines and, Harriet Tubman, liberated her people. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about this and, to “reconnect + reclaim” = to thrive. This week’s guest is Christine Cariño, a brand advocate, transformation catalyst who interweaves her transformation journey and training with her success and experience in corporate as a Talent Acquisition expert. She transitioned to become a transformation coach in service of making a deeper impact and contribution in creating a loving, inclusive, and equitable society. Christine earned her diploma in coaching from New York University.

Email: christinec@consciousthrive.com

Website: https://consciousthrive.thinkific.com/

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