“Name It, Reframe It, Restore It” with Sally Chan

“Name It, Reframe It, Restore It”. “Say it loud!” “Speak up and speak out.” are several calls to action from this week’s guest, my sister, Sally Chan. Sally and I believe once you know what a thing is, call it by its name, you are in power and empowered to own it and make the life you want. Listen as we discuss our Brene Brown revelations, turning a lunch into a lasting sisterhood, and creating a path for those who are not yet ready.

This week’s guest is Sally Chan, a seasoned corporate social responsibility (CSR) executive with more than 16 years of experience in multi-stakeholder engagement, policy development and administration, risk assessment, reputation research, business integration and reporting and measurement. In her current role as vice president for community engagement at Warner Bros. Sally is responsible for overseeing the global impact employee giving program and creating workforce training opportunities for underserved groups.


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