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“Parable of Talents!” with “Real Talk” Tasha Randle

What are YOU doing with what you’ve been given? Are you hiding it? Clutching onto it? Or like in the Bible, doing nothing with it? Check out this week’s episode with “Real Talk” Tasha Randle, “equips professionals with clarity, confidence, and the action plan to boldly pursue and get the things they want in their career”, as we discuss this and so much more.

A little bit about Tasha…
Hey! I’m Tasha Randle, a down-to-earth girl who can’t be put into a box. I love God and also love a good trap song. I turn up in the car and then walk into work ready to make boss moves, set strategy and deliver results. But most important for you, I’m about my business and always determined to deliver results. And I’ll use my insightful skills, practical problem-solving and bias for action to help you unleash your gifts and create a purpose-aligned action plan to achieve your dreams.

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