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"The Black of It" with Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

In this #BlackHistoryMonth episode, Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis, a community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, and researcher, holds nothing back. She is firm in her Blackness and about what is and is not "diversity work".

Check it out for as she gets raw and real.

This week’s guest is…
Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis is a community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, and researcher. Dr. Dennis connects with local, national, and international communities, schools, businesses, and organizations. Born and raised in the city of Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Dennis lived in North Carolina for 17 years and now lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

365 Diversity helps change policies and actions, curriculum and class materials for K-12 schools and colleges-universities. This includes changing academic programs, career training, and policies and evaluations for medical and health schools, medical and health organizations, and medical and health facilities.

Services provided are listed on the 365 Diversity website and include curriculum change sessions, policy change sessions, and assessment and evaluation sessions.

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