“Work Life Harmony” with Tareka Wheeler, PMP

We’ve heard of Work Life Balance and recently Work Life Integration. Have you heard of Work Life Harmony? Tareka Wheeler, PMP, CEO, T. Wheeler Strategic Solutions, LLC, Career & Mindset Strategist, shares how like stocks, we are a “diversified investment” and must diversify how we expend our energy. When in mom mode, she’s 100% a mom. When working on a project, she’s all in. Check out this week’s episode to learn more and about Professional DNA.

Meet Tareka Wheeler, PMP
I am a Career & Mindset Strategist that teaches high-achieving professionals and small businesses owners how to discover their defined natural abilities to level up professionally, achieve high levels of success and rapidly ascend in their careers.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, my career has focused primarily on developing health education programs, strategic communications, and project management. My love and talent for program and project management led me to relocating to Virginia in 2013, and that was the beginning of a new era for me.

In 2020, after several shifts and pivots in my professional journey, it dawned on me that my experiences over the past few years should be shared with others that are striving to level up and advance their careers. The questions I had to ask myself were - “What is it that helped me”? and “How did I excel, and successfully tackle challenges and barriers to ensure that I reached my goals?”. The answer… it was my defined natural ability. I was leveraging what I had inside of me as tools to get to where I wanted to be professionally. It was my Professional DNA!

In March 2021, I launched Professional DNA to create a space and community for every person looking to level up professionally, grow their business, improve their performance, or simply refocus their professional journey. The Professional DNA Podcast is a weekly conversation to educate, liberate, and empower you to discover your defined natural abilities so you can become your best unique self.

In July 2021, I launched the Discovery Masterclass to teach high-achieving professionals strategies for rapidly ascending in their careers in 90 days!
I have spent my career challenging assumptions and asking thought-provoking questions of myself and others. I believe that knowing your Professional DNA is a way to truly crack the code to being successful in your career. It can be a true game changer and serve as a catalyst for exponential personal and professional growth.

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