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“You’re Not Alone!” with Al Jones

If nothing else, this week’s guest, Al Jones, a service-disabled veteran, personal finance author, game developer and African American/Black male who had bad credit and achieved the perfect FICO score 8 credit rating of 850, wants you to know 1. You’re not alone 2. You CAN and 3. Keep it simple! Check out this week’s episode to tap into the conversation.

This week’s Guest is Al Jones.
Al Jones had to hit rock bottom before he recognized the financial hole, he had dug for himself. He had weakened his financial foundation with a series of poor decisions, and a criminal case of identity theft had struck the finishing blow. It would take a lot of work to repair his credit. Luckily, Jones was up for the challenge! He now wants to share his insightful journey with you. As of 08/31/2020, his credit score has increased to the perfect rating of 850.

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