Nov. 5, 2021

“who am i?” with Sandy VO

As a child, Sandy Vo, a meditation teacher devoted to revolutionizing modern living by introducing a new level of functionality and serving more conscious leaders on their journey of Self-Realization, was who she thought others wanted her to be. Fast forward to surviving trauma and now a college student, Sandy started to discover “who she was” through meditation. Check out this week’s episode to learn more about how meditation allows one to understand self and the beauty and prosperity it brings.

This week’s Guest is Sandy VO.


Deep connection and intimacy is my love language so I invite you to get cozy.

For most of my teen life, I was unconsciously searching the outside world for anything that would catapult me out of the dark well of depression, anxiety, and sexual abuse. My addiction to pain and suffering eventually came to a head when I completely burned out; mind, body, Spirit. I thought the only way to escape was to take my own life. The luxury of this pain led me to hear the beckoning of the Divine. “Sweet child, you are here for a greater purpose.” In order to realize this greater purpose, my attachment to my ego-identity had to die. I honored the calling of becoming a meditation and spiritual teacher. I learned that I had the power deep within me for self-liberation and lasting transformation. I just had to dig beneath the layers of societal, generational and ancestral programming to unravel it.



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